About Our Organization


 The Federation of Organizations of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) is a national disability umbrella body of various national Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs). It is a non-profit making organization. The federation was formed on 26 July 2003 and was registered as a Private Voluntary Organization in 2004. FODPZ’s national office was based in Bulawayo since its inception until it relocated to Harare in April 2014.  The Federation is managed by a governing board of representative members from its affiliate organisations. The objective of its formation was to strengthen and unify the representative voice of Disabled People’s Organizations and organizations of Parents of Children with Disabilities in Zimbabwe.


A proactive community of disabled Persons Organizations responsive and devoted to the sustainable development needs of all persons with disabilities and the full realization of human rights, equality, good governance and poverty alleviation in Zimbabwe.


We the body of organizations of persons with disabilities are committed to the promotion of equality, human rights and sustainable development through the support of capacitated and well-coordinated members that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities in Zimbabwe.


Transparency, accountability, responsiveness, equity, professionalism, participation, equality and engagement.


To achieve equalization of opportunities; attainment and enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe.


  • To facilitate the collaboration, networking and coordination of its member organizations to acquire capacity, efficiency and effectiveness required in advocacy and lobbying aimed at improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe.
  • To take cognizance of all existing and prospective bylaws, policies and legislation, including all statutory instruments, assess and evaluate their likely impact on persons with disabilities take a considered position and advocate on them with the aim to represent and secure their best interests.
  • To promote and carry out or assist in promoting and carrying out appropriate research, surveys and investigations and publish the results thereof.
  • To collect, process (when necessary or requested to do so) and disseminate information on all matters affecting FODPZ AND exchange such information with other bodies having similar objects in and outside Zimbabwe.
  • To raise funds for FODPZ through all legitimate means.
  • To invest funds surplus to its requirement within the limits stipulated by the donors or declared during the process of raising the funds.
  • To help member organizations resolve internal and inter-organisational misunderstandings and conflicts through mechanisms established for conflict resolution.

Work with us?

At Federation of Organisations of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ), we are eager to work with different people willing to help persons with disabilities realize their rights. Please find our different ways you can enroll with us here.

How to help with resource mobilisation?

You do not necessarily need to be a donor to help BOFOD. You can still help us by connecting us with potential donors out there, if you have some connections. Or better still, if you have proposal writing skills, we welcome your support with drafting new proposals or editing existing proposals that can help us win more donations.

Can i help with policy analysis?

Inclusive policies are a catalyst for development, more especially the realization of different rights that persons with disabilities have. If you have expertise in policy analysis, we welcome you support in helping analyze different policies and how they affect persons with disabilities in Botswana.

How can i help with UNCRPD advocacy?

Botswana is the only country in Southern Africa that is yet to ratify the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). You can help to put pressure on our political leaders to move with urgency in the process of ratifying and domesticating this very important Convention, by for instance posting on your Facebook wall, talking about it on your twitter, Blogging about it, writing letter to editors in the Botswana;s leading newspapers, among other things.

How else do i get involved?

By volunteering at BOFOD as highlighted on this page, by taking part in BOFOD’s advocacy activities on the UNCRPD as already mentioned above,  by giving/donating, and many other ways of getting yourself involved with our work. If you have any pother ideas that we have not mentioned on this website on how you get involved, please feel free to contact us here.

Board Representative

Senator. Watson Khupe, Board Chairperson


Secretariat Representative

Mr. Leonard Marange, FODPZ National Director